Saturday, August 4, 2018  · San Francisco

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More Than Three Decades of Pageantry

A Tradition Of Excellence. Dedication To Community Service. A Legacy For Tomorrow

About Us

2018 Pageant

August 4, 2018
Herbst Theater
San Francisco, California

Proud to be the longest running Asian American pageant in the United States.

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Queens and Court

Current Queens & Court

  • Trisha Bantigue – Miss Asian Global and Best in Cultural Attire
  • Savannah Pham – Miss Asian America
  • Kate Melanie Lam – Miss Asian California, Miss Asian First Princess, Miss Imagine Talks, Miss Entrepreneur
  • Alexis Yup – Miss Asian San Francisco, Miss Asian Second Princess
  • Ernestine Siu – Miss Asian Third Princess
  • Ashley Phothvanh – Miss Asian Photogenic
  • Mikaela Encarnacion – Miss Asian Popularity
  • Apicha “Rene” Thavichaigarn – Miss Asian Social Media
  • Yilan Shih – Miss Asian STEM
  • Tina Kim – Miss Asian Scholastic
  • Samantha Mui – Miss Asian Congeniality
  • Mikaela Dodge – Miss Asian Talent
  • Dina Zheng – Miss Community Service