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For the First Time, Our Pageant is Virtual

Watch our 2020 Pageant

Our confident, resilient, and compassionate delegates competed on our first-ever virtual stage. Due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the Asian America Foundation decided to make the 35th Anniversary Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America Pageant a virtual event. We are thankful to the delegates and our dedicated volunteers for helping us make the switch to digital.

First Segment
August 25, 2020


Minute Me

For the first segment of our virtual pageant, get to know each delegate in approximately one minute, learn about their personal stories, and join them on their journey to pageant night on Aug 29.

Support your favorite delegate by sharing their video!

Self-introduction Videos will be posted on @MissAsianGlobal Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram (IGTV).

Lifestyle Presentation
Second Segment
August 27, 2020


Healthy Me

For the second segment of our virtual pageant, each delegate has created an inspirational video practicing a healthy lifestyle. Watch how they maintain their wellness leading up to pageant night on Aug 29.

Lifestyle Videos will be posted on @MissAsianGlobal Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram (IGTV).

Queens & Court Crowned
Final Competition
August 29, 2020


Celebrate our 35th Anniversary

2020 Pageant Night will showcase delegates’ personality, wit, & compassion through:

  • Self-introduction and Platform segment
  • Poise & Personality segment
  • 2020 Queens and Court Crowned

Also enjoy special features:

  • LoveIsTheCure: global awareness campaign
  • Meet our celebrity judges from all around the world
  • Reminisce 35 Years of Miss Asian Global Legacy
  • Farewell to our amazing 2019 court

Merit Titles Crowned
Grand Finale
March 25, 2021


Merit Titleholders

Watch the special announcement of merit titleholders. Miss Asian Global Pageant crowns the following merit titleholders to join the reigning court:

  • Miss Asian Talent
  • Miss Asian Best in Cultural Attire
  • Miss Asian Scholastic
  • Miss Asian S.T.E.M.
  • Miss Asian Community Service
  • Miss Asian Entrepreneur
  • Miss Asian Charity
  • Miss Asian Congeniality
  • Miss Asian Photogenic
  • Miss Asian Social Media

Share Our Pageant Moments

Then & Now
It’s A Journey

Our Legacy
35 years of MAGnificence

Global Media Campaign

A New Era of Leadership

Meet Our 2020
Queens and Court

Olivia Wong, Miss Asian Global

Vy Vo, Miss Asian America

Olivia Wong

Miss Asian Global

Vy Vo

Miss Asian America

  • Lan Ho, Miss Asian Global 1st Princess
  • Daisy Chung, Miss Asian California, 2nd Princess
  • Tara Nash, Miss Asian San Francisco, 3rd Princess
  • Victoria Li, Miss Asian Talent
  • Lily Li, Miss Asian Best in Cultural Attire & Miss Asian Charity
  • Julia Nguyen, Miss Asian Scholastic
  • Megan Lo, Miss Asian S.T.E.M.
  • Natalie Nguyen, Miss Asian Community Service
  • Stella Rao, Miss Asian Entrepreneur & Miss Asian Social Media
  • Diamond Rypka, Miss Asian Congeniality
  • Kimberly Huynh, Miss Asian Photogenic
  • Marisa Chin, Love is The Cure Ambassador

San Francisco, CA — August 29, 2020 — In response to the global pandemic, the Asian America Foundation held the 35th Anniversary Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America Pageant in a virtual format for the first time. This historic transition to a digital stage was made possible by the dedication of delegates and volunteers. A total of 19 outstanding delegates showcased their strength, talent, and community commitment.

Olivia Wong, a 29-year-old Chinese-American in Vancouver, Canada, clinched the title of Miss Asian Global. Meanwhile, Vy Vo, a 26-year-old Vietnamese-American from Anaheim, CA, secured the title of Miss Asian America. The court included Lan Ho, who earned the title of Miss Asian Global 1st Princess, and Daisy Chung, achieving the title of Miss Asian California, 2nd Princess. Tara Nash was honored as the Miss Asian San Francisco, 3rd Princess.

This virtual edition of the Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America Pageant underscores the resilience and adaptability of the delegates, upholding the pageant’s legacy of empowering young women from diverse backgrounds.

Beyond her pageant success, Olivia Wong, a Vancouver native of Chinese heritage, is an accomplished entrepreneur and award-winning humanitarian. As Senior Partner at Prototype Thinking Labs, she specializes in expediting business model innovation using a unique, Google X-inspired approach. Previously, she served as a humanitarian aid worker in Zaatari, the world’s largest Syrian refugee camp, and in Fukushima, Japan, post-nuclear disaster.

Each Delegate has a Story to Share

Meet the Delegates

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Watch the Delegate’s 2020 global awareness campaign #LoveIsTheCure. On a mission to spread love, unity and awareness, delegates address inequalities, social discord, and neglect.  During these times of social unrest and COVID-19, Love is the Cure.

Short Memoir Series


The Me:Moir short memoir series features each of the 2020 Miss Asian Global pageant delegates. Miss Asian Global 2012 Susie Lee interviews each delegate and hopes to bring our community closer together. The video series gives views an insider’s look into the delegate’s personal journey.

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Our 2002 Queen Dazzles in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Congratulations Fala Chen

We are so proud of Fala Chen, our 2002 Miss Asian America queen and 2020 judge on her latest blockbuster success with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Your dedication as an artist is inspirational. Read more in the August 2021 issue of Elle Magazine, "Let Fala Chen Reintroduce Herself"

Thank you to our event supporters

Our 2020 Sponsors

2021 Sponsors

Marisa Chin
Hercules, CA · 24 · Chinese

Vy Vo
Anaheim, CA · 26 · Vietnamese

Kimberly Huynh
San Jose, CA · 24 · Vietnamese

Natalie Nguyen
Boston, MA · 28 · Vietnamese

Megan Lo
El Cerrito, CA · 22 · Chinese

Olivia Wong
Vancouver, Canada · 29 · Chinese

Chuting Liu
Nanjing, China · 25 · Chinese & Kazakh

Julia Nguyen
San Jose, CA · 28 · Vietnamese

Lily Li
San Francisco, CA · 26 · Chinese

Victoria Li
Fremont, CA · 17 · Taiwanese & Chinese

Y Phun
Sacramento, CA · 24 · Chinese & Vietnamese

Lan Ho
Chicago, IL · 30 · Vietnamese

Tara Nash
San Mateo, CA · 22 · Chinese & Irish

Diamond Rypka
Melbourne, Australia · 27 · Japanese

Stella Rao
Cupertino, CA · 19 · Indian

Cathie Pham
San Jose, CA · 25 · Vietnamese, Chinese, African American & Caucasian

Emily Pi
Fremont, CA · 20 · Taiwanese

Daisy Chung
Los Angeles, CA · 28 · Chinese

Our Legacy

A Look Back at Our Past Queens & Delegates