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Happy Lunar New Year!
Kylie Chang Miss Asian Global, Miss Asian Best in Cultural Attire, & Miss Imagine Talks Erin Kwon Miss Asian America
Happy Lunar New Year!
Happy Lunar
New Year!

Nearly Four Decades of
Empowering Asian Women

Breaking Barriers. Shaping Leaders. Inspiring Future Generations.

Since 1985, the Miss Asian Global Pageant has empowered young Asian women, challenging conventional beauty standards and shattering stereotypes. Designed for bold and ambitious young women, this pageant isn’t just about looks—it’s about owning your power. The pageant has propelled remarkable Asian women, from renowned actress Fala Chen to former first lady Mona Lee Locke, into the spotlight. Today, it stands as a dynamic force for a more inclusive, engaged, and empowered community.

Fala Chen


Embrace Your Power

Embrace your role as a trailblazer to challenge stereotypes and elevate the representation of modern Asian women. Become a Miss Asian Global Pageant Delegate in 2024.

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Current Reign


Beyond the glamour, meet our 2023 queens and court, leading the way and ready to make a profound impact in our world.

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Our Legacy

Empowering Asian Women Since 1985

Explore the incredible journey of our past queens, titleholders, and delegates who have shaped a legacy of visibility and social responsibility.

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