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Meet Our 1989
Queen and Court

Miss Asian of California 1989
Joyce Chang – Second Princess
Leah Sarmiento – First Princess and Miss Congeniality
Angela Chang – Miss Asian San Francisco
Theresa Park – Queen
Sukyoung Joo – Miss Korea of California
Mika Tomoyo Yee – Third Princess

Theresa Park, Miss Asian of California

Theresa Park

Miss Asian of California

  • Leah Sarmiento – First Princess and Miss Congeniality
  • Joyce Chang – Second Princess
  • Mika Tomoyo Yee – Third Princess
  • Angela Chang – Miss Asian San Francisco
  • Sukyoung Joo – Miss Korea of California

On Saturday, August 19, 1989, the Palace of Fine Arts witnessed a spectacular showcase of beauty, talent, and grace as 28 remarkable contestants vied for the coveted title of Miss Asian of California 1989. This prestigious event presented by Rose Chung aimed to celebrate the diversity and accomplishments of young Asian women from various backgrounds. Among these bright stars, Theresa Park, an 18-year-old Korean from Sausalito, was crowned Miss Asian of California 1989.

Each contestant, hailing from different parts of California, brought their unique heritage and aspirations to the stage and represented a rich tapestry of Asian cultures. Leah Sarmiento was honored as the First Princess and Miss Congeniality, while Joyce Chang captivated the audience as the Second Princess. Mika Tomoyo Yee’s charm earned her the title of Third Princess, and Angela Chang, representing San Francisco, was crowned Miss Asian San Francisco. Sukyoung Joo, a beacon of elegance, secured the title of Miss Korea of California.

The event was a testament to the diversity and dynamism of the Asian community in California. The delegates, hailing from various backgrounds and cities, showcased their unique talents and perspectives, highlighting the richness of Asian culture.

With the legacy of Miss Asian of California continuing to inspire and empower young women, the pageant proved to be a memorable milestone in the journey of these exceptional delegates.

Pageant Night and Activities

Treasured Memories

Photos by House Mother Penny Wong Belleza

Each Delegate has a Story to Share

Meet the Delegates

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Saturday, August 19, 1989
Palace of Fine Arts
San Francisco, CA

Jocelyn Tejano
San Leandro · Filipino · Age: 22

Cynthia Tatsuda
San Francisco · Japanese · Age: 22

Yvette Tam
Fremont · Chinese · Age: 18

Olga Tran
San Francisco · Vietnamese · Age: 25

Teresa Woo
San Francisco · Chinese · Age: 17

Lisa Toymai Yee
Daly City · Chinese · Age: 22

Mika Tomoyo Yee
San Diego · Japanese · Age: 22

Sandy Yi
San Francisco · Korean · Age: 17

Cathy Younkin
Alameda · Japanese · Age: 21

Elaine Alba
El Sobrante · Filipino · Age: 24

Eva Chan
San Francisco · Chinese · Age: 20

Angela Chang
San Francisco · Korean · Age: 20

Joyce Chang
Long Beach · Chinese · Age: 26

Jennifer Fiel
Santa Clara · Filipino · Age: 19

Lisa Gleason
Redwood City · Vietnamese · Age: 17

Jeniffer Huie
San Francisco · Chinese · Age: 19

Sukyoung Joo
Milpitas · Korean · Age: 19

Jenny Kim
Hayward · Korean · Age: 20

Marilyn Labtis
Sunnyvale · Filipino · Age: 27

Jennifer Lee
San Francisco · Burmese · Age: 19

Mun Den Lee
Jackson · Chinese · Age: 20

Judy Li
San Francisco · Chinese · Age: 18

Sandy Liu
Fremont · Chinese · Age: 19

Christine Lucent
San Jose · Filipino · Age: 17

Jennie Park
Union City · Korean · Age: 22

Teresa Park
Sausalito · Korean · Age: 18

Maricar Magtoto
Milpitas · Filipino · Age: 17

Leah Sarmiento
Union City · Filipino · Age: 19

Our Legacy

A Look Back at Our Past Queens & Delegates