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A New Era of Leadership

Meet Our 1991
Queen and Court

Miss Asian America 1991
Thao Diep – Miss Asian Second Princess & Miss Asian San Francisco
Annie Deng – Miss Asian First Princess & Miss Asian California
Christie Hirota- Miss Asian America
Stephanie Ma – Miss Congeniality
Joan Ying Chang
Maria Dolar – Miss Talent
Carla Reyes – Miss Scholastic Achievement
Wendy Tagomori – Miss Asian Third Princess

Christie Hirota, Miss Asian America

Christie Hirota

Miss Asian America

  • Annie Deng – Miss Asian First Princess & Miss Asian California
  • Thao Diep – Miss Asian Second Princess & Miss Asian San Francisco
  • Wendy Tagomori – Miss Asian Third Princess
  • Stephanie Ma – Miss Congeniality
  • Carla Reyes – Miss Scholastic Achievement
  • Maria Dolar – Miss Talent

San Francisco, CA — August 10, 1991 — Christie Hirota, 18, of Filipino and Japanese heritage, clinched the title of Miss Asian America in a dazzling display of talent and grace. From its origins as Miss Asian of California in 1985, the competition has evolved to become a national platform, changed its name to the Miss Asian America Pageant and uniting Asian women from across the United States.

The court featured Annie Deng, crowned as Miss Asian First Princess and Miss Asian California, and Thao Diep, earning titles of Miss Asian Second Princess and Miss Asian San Francisco. Wendy Tagomori was honored as Miss Asian Third Princess, while Stephanie Ma’s congeniality and talent earned her the title of Miss Congeniality. Additionally, Carla Reyes was recognized for scholastic achievements, and Maria Dolar captivated with her exceptional talent.

Presented by Laser City and broadcasted on KTSF Channel 26, the event celebrated Asian American excellence, showcasing a diverse tapestry of traditions within the community.

Christie Hirota’s reign promises to inspire young women to embrace their heritage while forging unique paths to success.

Pageant Night and Activities

Treasured Memories

Photos by House Mother Penny Wong Belleza

Each Delegate has a Story to Share

Meet the Delegates

Legacy Keepsake

Commemorate Pageant Night

Saturday, August 10, 1991
Palace of Fine Arts
San Francisco, CA

Sharina Cansino
Age: 20 · Filipino · Fairfield, CA

Joan-Ying Chang
Age: 17 · Chinese (Taiwan) · Placentia, CA

Charlene Chen
Age: 20 · Chinese · San Francisco, CA

Maria Dolar
Age: 19 · Filipino · Daly City, CA

Farah Ghias
Age: 18 · Afgani · Alameda, CA

Valiancy Rosani
Age: 21 · Indonesian · Berkeley, CA

Julie Yuan
Age: 21 · Chinese (Taiwan) · Lake Hiawatha, NJ

Thuy Thanh Nguyen
Age: 23 · Vietnamese · Santa Ana, CA

Giatri Dave
Age: 18 · Hindi & Spanish · Cerritos, CA

Joyce Kim
Age: 20 · Korean · San Jose, CA

Annie Deng
Age: 18 · Chinese · Cerritos, CA

Kathie Nguyen
Age: 19 · Vietnamese · San Jose, CA

Unson Yi
Age: 17 · Korean · Santa Clara, CA

Emily Pascual
Age: 21 · Filipino & Spanish · Kirkland, WA

Thao Diep
Age: 20 · Vietnamese & Chinese · Santa Clara, CA

Christie Hirota
Age: 18 · Filipino & Japanese · San Francisco, CA

Wendy Tagomori
Age: 20 · Japanese · Pearl City, HI

Jane Lee
Age: 18 · Korean · Cupertino, CA

Lani Gonzales
Age: 21 · Filipino · Aiea, HI

Carla Reyes
Age: 18 · Filipino · Daly City, CA

Esther Le
Age: 18 · Vietnamese · Santa Clara, CA

Stephanie Ma
Age: 23 · Chinese (Taiwan) · Marmara, NJ

Heidyliza Esponilla
Age: 21 · Filipino · South San Francisco, CA

Stacie Rinker
Age: 20 · Filipino · Citrus Heights, CA

Amy Tu
Age: 18 · Chinese (Taiwan) · Glendale, CA

Our Legacy

A Look Back at Our Past Queens & Delegates