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A New Era of Leadership

Meet Our 1997
Queen and Court

Miss Asian America 1997
Stacey Chinn – Miss Asian Second Princess
Elyzabeth Pham – Miss Asian First Princess
Erin Jung – Miss Asian America
Tammy Nguyen – Miss Asian Third Princess
Dana Li Dung – Miss Talent
Ko Ko Huie – Miss Community Service
Gloria Pham – Miss Scholastic Achievement & Miss Congeniality

Erin Jung, Miss Asian America

Erin Jung

Miss Asian America

  • Elyzabeth Pham – Miss Asian First Princess
  • Stacey Chinn – Miss Asian Second Princess
  • Tammy Nguyen – Miss Asian Third Princess
  • Dana Li Dung – Miss Talent
  • Gloria Pham – Miss Scholastic Achievement & Miss Congeniality
  • Ko Ko Huie – Miss Community Service

San Francisco, CA – August 9, 1997 – The 13th Annual Miss Asian America Pageant, featuring a diverse array of 20 accomplished delegates from across the United States, showcased the extraordinary talents and achievements of Asian American women. Held at the renowned Palace of Fine Arts, the event was a vibrant celebration of cultural richness and a platform for empowering the next generation of leaders.

Erin Jung, 23, hailing from Sacramento, CA, was crowned Miss Asian America, embodying grace, intelligence, and exceptional talent. Elyzabeth Pham, Stacey Chinn, and Tammy Nguyen were named First, Second, and Third Princesses, respectively. Dana Li Dung showcased exceptional talent, while Gloria Pham excelled in scholastics and congeniality. Ko Ko Huie was honored for her outstanding community service. These accomplished women epitomized excellence and promise in the Asian American community, while setting the stage for a future where Asian American women continue to flourish and inspire positive change in their communities.

Pageant Night and Activities

Treasured Memories

Photos by House Mother Penny Wong Belleza

Each Delegate has a Story to Share

Meet the Delegates

Legacy Keepsake

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Saturday, August 9, 1997
Palace of Fine Arts
San Francisco, CA

Kam Au
23 · Kaneohe, HI

Suzan Chan
26 · San Francisco, CA

Julie Chapman
18 · South San Francisco, CA

Stacey Chinn
27 · El Cerrito, CA

Jenny Chui
24 · San Mateo, CA

Dana-Li Dung
18 · Honolulu, HI

Yukie Fujimoto
23 · Foster City, CA

Koko Huie
25 · Las Vegas, NV

Dinh Lan Huynh
24 · New Orleans, LA

Jennifer Ji
21 · New York, NY

Erin Jung
23 · Sacramento, CA

Sara Kao
25 · Sunnyvale, CA

Sunna Kim
19 · Cupertino, CA

Tammy Nguyen
23 · Chicago, IL

Elyzabeth Pham
24 · La Jolla, CA

Gloria Pham
25 · San Leandro, CA

Kim Vu
18 · San Jose · CA

Bei Xu
20 · Kalamazoo, MI

Shena Megia
22 · San Lorenzo, CA

Caroline Cruz
19 · Panorama City, CA

Our Legacy

A Look Back at Our Past Queens & Delegates