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A New Era of Leadership

Meet Our 1998
Queen and Court

Valerie Foo – Miss Congeniality
Laura Ngo – Miss Asian Third Princess
Minita Ghandi – Miss Asian First Princess & Miss Talent
Quyen Tran – Miss Asian America
Denbi Dung – Miss Asian Second Princess & Miss Community Service
Liana Ho – Miss Scholastic Achievement

Quyen Tran, Miss Asian America

Quyen Tran

Miss Asian America

  • Minita Ghandi – Miss Asian California, Miss Asian First Princess & Miss Talent
  • Denbi Dung – Miss Asian Second Princess & Miss Community Service
  • Laura Ngo – Miss Asian San Francisco & Miss Asian Third Princess
  • Liana Ho – Miss Scholastic Achievement
  • Valerie Foo – Miss Congeniality

San Francisco, CA – The 14th Annual Miss Asian America Pageant held on August 8, 1998, at the prestigious Palace of Fine Arts, commemorated a momentous celebration of Asian American heritage and achievement. The event culminated in the crowning of Quyen Tran, a 19-year-old resident of Sunnyvale, California, as the distinguished Miss Asian America. She was joined by other outstanding winners: Minita Ghandi, who earned the titles of Miss Asian California, Miss Asian First Princess, and Miss Talent; Denbi Dung, who secured the positions of Miss Asian Second Princess and Miss Community Service; Laura Ngo, recognized as Miss Asian San Francisco and Miss Asian Third Princess; Liana Ho, who received the distinction of Miss Scholastic Achievement; and Valerie Foo, who was awarded the title of Miss Congeniality.

In total, twenty-one accomplished delegates showcased their remarkable talents, grace, and intellect, exemplifying the rich diversity of experiences within the Asian American community.

Pageant Night and Activities

Treasured Memories

Photos by House Mother Penny Wong Belleza

Each Delegate has a Story to Share

Meet the Delegates

Legacy Keepsake

Commemorate Pageant Night

Saturday, August 8, 1998
Palace of Fine Arts
San Francisco, CA

Linda Yuk Ang Au
Honolulu, Hawaii · Age: 25

Monica Chan
San Luis Obispo, California · Age: 23

Connie Chow
Alhambra , California · Age: 22

Denby Annette Kwai Foong Dung
Honolulu, Hawaii · Age: 20

Valerie Foo
Daly City, California · Age: 22

Cherry May Formento
San Francisco, California · Age: 17

Minita J. Gandhi
Danville, California · Age: 19

Liana Ho
Newbury Park, California · Age: 22

Jennifer Huang
San Francisco , California · Age: 26

Colleen Mei Ling Lee
Honolulu, Hawaii · Age: 19

Betty Lem
San Francisco, California · Age: 27

Katie Liu
Albany, California · Age: 22

Cuong Lu
Palo Alto, California · Age: 23

Laura S. Ngo
San Jose, Cahfornia · Age: 19

Jennifer Pae
Los Angeles , California · Age: 19

Stephanie Sales
San Francisco , California · Age: 19

Quyen Hoang Tran
Sunnyvale. California · Age: 19

Jennifer P. Tseng
Morgan Hill , California · Age: 17

Gemma Bautista
Cyress, California · Age: 25

Jacqueline deGuzman
Santa Clara, California · Age: 19

Myra Hadden
Daly City, California · Age: 17

Paramita Malakar
San Jose, California · Age: 20

Wendy Yamamoto
Honolulu, Hawaii · Age: 21

Our Legacy

A Look Back at Our Past Queens & Delegates