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A New Era of Leadership

Meet Our 1995
Queen and Court

Miss Asian America Pageant 1995
Amanda Quan, Miss Asian Second Princess
Shung Yan Ng, Miss Asian Third Princess
Gwendoline Yeo, Miss Asian America, Miss Talent & Miss Congeniality
Elizabeth Wong, Miss Asian San Francisco
Leena Gill, Miss Community Service

Gwendoline Yeo, Miss Asian America

Gwendoline Yeo

Miss Asian America, Miss Talent & Miss Congeniality

  • Jennifer Chin – Miss Asian First Princess
  • Amanda Quan – Miss Asian Second Princess
  • Shung Yan Ng – Miss Asian Third Princess
  • Elizabeth Wong – Miss Asian San Francisco
  • Leena Gill – Miss Community Service

San Francisco, CA — August 26, 1995 — The 11th Annual Miss Asian America Pageant, a captivating celebration of Asian culture and achievement at the Cathedral Hill Hotel in San Francisco featured 17 accomplished delegates. A proud Singaporean, Gwendoline Yeo emerged as queen, showcasing her beauty, talent, and commitment to her community. Jennifer Chin, Amanda Quan, and Shung Yan Ng secured the prestigious positions of First, Second, and Third Princesses, respectively. Elizabeth Wong was crowned Miss Asian San Francisco, while Leena Gill received the honor of Miss Community Service.

Since her Miss Asian America Pageant days in 1995, Gwendoline Yeo’s journey has been extraordinary. Her breakout role on Desperate Housewives and subsequent collaborations with industry giants like Robert Duvall in Broken Trail catapulted her to stardom. With critical acclaim in TV series and a trailblazing role in American Girl: Ivy & Julie, Gwendoline’s career showcases her versatility and impact.

Beyond her screen accomplishments, Gwendoline’s voice work, awards, and contributions to the community underscore her enduring commitment to excellence. Her journey from the Miss Asian America Pageant is an inspiring narrative of talent, determination, and empowerment.

Pageant Night and Activities

Treasured Memories

Photos by House Mother Penny Wong Belleza

Each Delegate has a Story to Share

Meet the Delegates

Legacy Keepsake

Commemorate Pageant Night

Saturday, August 26, 1995
Cathedral Hill Hotel
San Francisco, CA

Shung-Yan Ng
Chinese · 17 · Bellevue, WA

Subhashni Anuradha
Indian · 20 · San Bruno, CA

Wendy Ren
Chinese · 22 · Bayside, NY

Leena Gill
Indian · 20 · Cupertino, CA

Teri Song-Madsen
Korean & Hawaiian · 22 · Santa Clara, CA

Elizabeth Wong
Chinese · 20 · San Francisco, CA

Elizabeth Nguyen
Vietnamese · 18 · Monte Sereno, CA

Amanda Quan
Vietnamese · 22 · Sunnyvale, CA

Tanya Kaneshiro
Okinawan & Chinese · 23 · Waimanalo, HI

Lea Garfield
Filipino · 18 · Oakland, CA

Jennifer Chin
Chinese · 23 · Woodside, NY

Camille Wang
Chinese · 23 · New York, NY

Gwendoline Yeo
Singaporean · 18 · San Francisco, CA

Tina Sok
Cambodian & Chinese · 18 · San Francisco, CA

Janet Lui
Chinese · 25 · Hillside, IL

Tobie Cancino
Chinese & Filipino · 19 · Honolulu, HI

Sarika Batra
Indian · 21 · Cupertino, CA

Romielyn Bagay
Filipino · 17 · Pleasant Hill, CA

Our Legacy

A Look Back at Our Past Queens & Delegates