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Step 2: Application

Now Accepting Applications for 2024
  • 2024 Delegate Application

  • Thank you for your interest in the 2024 Miss Asian Global Pageant on August 10, 2024 in San Francisco, California (USA). Before beginning the application process, please ensure you have the following information available to submit:

    1. High resolution head-shot and full body-shot photos
    2. Resume/CV
    3. Self-introduction (50 words)
    4. Platform message (175 words)
    5. One selfie image taken immediately prior to submitting application. Selfie may not be photoshopped or app enhanced.
    6. Online talent video links (optional)
  • Basic Information

  • Addresses

  • Ethnic Profile

  • To be eligible to particpate, you must be at least one-quarter (25%) Asian ethnicity

  • Measurements

  • Education

  • Resume/CV

  • Please upload a copy of your most recent resume or CV (curriculum vitae). This document should be appropriately formatted and the same you would use when applying for a job. You may optionally provide the URL to your LinkedIn profile.

  • Website and Social Media Links (optional)

  • This section is optional, however if you have a personal website or other social media channels/pages you would like the Applications Committee to consider, please include the URLs here. If you elect to do this, your privacy settings should allow for 'public' viewing.

  • Other Profile Questions

  • Photo Upload

  • Upload a face shot and a full body shot of yourself. Your photographs must be taken in the last 12 months. Your face shot must be of high quality or professional grade and at least 300 dpi. Remember to smile. Wear solid colors. The background of your face shot must have a solid backdrop. Your body shot can be casual but should exhibit your physique. No additional people in the photos.

  • Talent Segment (optional - may submit later)

  • The talent showcase is accepted through an audition process and judged on pageant night as a separate segment. In order to audition, submit a 2 to 5 minute video demonstrating the talent you intend on performing for the Talent Competition. Video must be viewable with sound and picture, and high-definition is preferred. Please upload your video to a video sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo and provide the link below. You may set the video privacy as 'unlisted' to prevent it from appearing in search results.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The talent segement is an optional portion of the pageant. Additionally, you may submit your audition video at a later time. However, if you would like the Application Committee to consider your talent video as part of your overall application, please submit it now.

  • Self-Introduction

  • In 50 words or less, please write your self-introduction, including a greeting in your ethinc language, your name, age, geographic location, school major (if applicable), profession (if applicable), and your ethnic community.

    EXAMPLE (50 words) - Anyeong hashimnika. Hello! My name is Hannah Kim from the great state of North Dakota. I am a 20 year old Communications major at the University of Notre Dame. I am proud to be Korean, with a goal of becoming the Press Secretary for the President of the USA. Kamsahmnida!

  • 0/50
  • Platform Message

  • The final round of competition will entail the finalist performing a one minute speech describing your platform. Your platform should describe a contemporary social or political issue that you feel passionate about. First, talk about the issue, then propose a solution or state how you are/will be involved in this concern. The limit is 175 words and should be able to be delivered by you at a normal speaking in pace in one minute.

    EXAMPLE (175 words) - Quality health care and knowledge is a fundamental human right. Lack of access to resources, education and care in health, wellness and medicine is an issue that I have been heavily exposed to in my past volunteer experiences. My recent volunteer effort has allowed me to travel abroad with the Philippine Medical Society of Northern California to the city of Tagbilaran where our group served, healed and empowered 7,000 patients who needed care and education in medical, surgical, eye, dental and general health departments. I learnt that if we help someone nurture their internal and external self, we will be able to solve issues more effectively. With a healthy and knowledgeable mind, body and spirit, anyone can start to make the change that we need to see in the world today. As Miss Asian Global, I will work not only with leaders and professionals, but also with the whole community to push for reform and have resources, health education, medical and surgical care, and epidemiology and medical technology research more accessible in all underserved communities.

  • 0/175
  • Agreement

  • As a delegate in the Miss Asian America and Miss Asian Global Pageant (the "Pageant"), I certify that all information submitted through all mediums is true and correct at the time of submissions. If any of the following are not true or cease to be true at any time during my participation in the Pageant, I will be excused from any further participation in the Pageant and will immediately relinquish any and all titles and prizes bestowed upon me as a result of my participation in the Pageant.

    I further certify that:

    • I am female, and will be between the ages of 17 and 30 on Pageant Day (August 10, 2024);
    • I am single and have never been married;
    • I am not pregnant;
    • I am of at least one-quarter (25%) Asian ethnicity;
    • I have never been convicted of any crime in any country, including misdemeanors (or foreign equivalent);
    • I have never taken, posed, and/or modelled for any nude photograph(s), and/or sexually explicit media; and
    • I am not aware of any physical or psychological conditions that may limit my ability to participate in the Pageant and related activities.

    I agree that:

    1. I will not seek any reimbursement of costs I expended during, arising out of, related to, or resulting from my participation in the Pageant and all related activities;
    2. I hereby fully release the Pageant, its employees, volunteers, shareholders, officers, directors, contractors, successor, agents, and assigns, from any and all responsibility for any injury, loss, death, inconvenience, delay, or damage to personal property in connection with my participation in the Pageant and related activities, whether resulting from but not limited to acts of God or force majeure, illness, disease, acts of war, civil unrest, insurrection or revolt, animals, criminal or terrorist activities of any kind, food poisoning, travel, and mechanical or other failure of transportation;
    3. I hereby authorize the Pageant to use my name, likeness, image, photographs, writings, recordings, and personality derived from my participation in the Pageant and all related activities for any and all purposes, including but not limited to publicity, promotions, marketing, advertising distribution, and sale without any obligation for remuneration or compensation.
    4. The name, location, and date of the event is subject to change.

    I further agree that the Pageant may use any information obtained from the Internet, social media, and other sources to enforce the provisions of this agreement.

    This agreement shall be construed under and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of California applicable to contracts between California domiciles which are to be performed wholly within the State of California. Any and all actions arising under this agreement shall be brought in the courts of the City and County of San Francisco. I have fully read this agreement and understand the terms and conditions contained herein and I agree to be bound by such.

  • Application Fee Payment

  • The application fee is $50.00 USD and is nonrefundable. If you have a coupon code to discount the fee, please select Pay by PayPal and enter the code in the box.

    • SP Submit
    • Should be Empty:

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